Chaste is released under an open source BSD 3-Clause License.

This means that anyone is free to use Chaste for any purpose, to modify it, to redistribute a modified version, or to use it in closed-source and/or commercial projects. Please see this guide for more information and comparison with other licenses.

Third party packages

Chaste depends on many third-party packages to provide some of the core functionality. A full list of these, together with their licences, is given below.

In most cases, source code for these packages is not distributed with Chaste (notable exceptions are triangle, Tetgen and CxxTest). They must instead be installed separately.

The ‘Used by’ column indicates where these libraries are used:

source code that is distributed with the Chaste source
required for building Chaste from source
only required for testing Chaste
only really needed if you're building the cardiac-specific source
may be used by Chaste if installed, but not essential
Library/packageLicence URLLocal copy of licenceUsed by
CodeSynthesis XSD, CodeSynthesis_Exception.txtSource, Cardiac
CVODE (part of SUNDIALS) CVODE.txtOptional
CxxTestLGPL: CxxTest.txtTests, Distributed
(Par)METIS, METIS manualSource
MPICH, romio-license.txtSource (although note that other MPI implementations may be used instead, e.g. OpenMPI)
PyparsingPyparsing home page(MIT) pyparsing.txtSource, Cardiac, Distributed
RDFLib RDFLib.txtSource, Cardiac
RNV rnv.txtSource, Cardiac
TetGen, Distributed
triangle, Distributed
VTK VTK.txtOptional
Xerces 2) Xerces-Apache2.0.txtSource, Cardiac