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Chaste team

Please note: For general questions about Chaste, for example on installation or set-up, please email the users mailing list, rather than choosing someone from the lists below to email. To subscribe to the list please follow these instructions. You can then send an email with your question to .

BBSRC-funded Chaste project team (Sep 2021 - Sep 2026)

Chaste development is currently funded through the BBSRC Bioinformatics & Biological Resources Grant BB/V018647/1. The project members are:

and the Scientific Management Board members are:

  • (Chair) Neil Chue Hong ( Software Sustainability Institute)
  • James Briscoe (Francis Crick Institute)
  • Alys Brett (UK Atomic Energy Authority)
  • Sara-Jane Dunn (DeepMind)
  • Paul Macklin (Indiana University)

Other Chaste contributors (past and present)

  • Chris Arthurs
  • Miguel Bernabeu
  • Rafel Bordas
  • Louise Bowler
  • Helen Byrne
  • Ornella Cominetti
  • Anthony Connor
  • Alberto Corrias
  • Valentina Carapella
  • Louie Cardone-Noott
  • Jonathan Cooper
  • Yohan Davit
  • Sara-Jane Dunn
  • Sara Dutta
  • Alan Garny
  • James Grogan
  • Dan Harvey
  • Sophie Kershaw
  • Philip Maini
  • Beth McMillan
  • Lee Momtahan
  • Philip Murray
  • Pras Pathmanathan
  • Blanca Rodriguez
  • Aaron Smith
  • James Southern
  • Alex Walter
  • Jonathan Whiteley
  • Néjib Zemzemi